Uponor Barrier PLUS - Plus Performance

Think beyond convention. Think Plus. Uponor Barrier PLUS provides unmatched technology, safety and reliability.
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Uponor Barrier PLUS is not only the first fully plastic infra barrier pipe. It is the first 100% TCE secure barrier pipe for potable water network. It is also the first barrier pipe with a continuous seamless barrier layer ensuring optimal uniformity and performance. Barrier PLUS utilises barrier material already adopted by the food and petrochemical industries and contains no aluminium.


Uponor Barrier PLUS has been specifically approved for use with potable water and has been extensively tested by the leading authorities in the field. Tight and safe welded connections that withstand pulling forces, along with the ability to use longer pipe lengths make it an outstandingly dependable solution. Uponor’s stable production process and meticulous quality control ensure the continuous high standard of our products.
Barrier PLUS. Uponor barriererør


The secret behind Uponor Barrier PLUS is the innovative 5-layer design combining PE, adhesive and barrier layers. Not only does it make Barrier PLUS safer to use, but also makes it easy to peel for installation. The tough protective layer guarantees that the Barrier Layer remains intact and functioning.


Uponor Barrier PLUS comes in a wide range of dimensions from 32-250mm, pressure classes PN10 & PN16, and is available in both 6 and 12 meter straight pipes as well as coils. Whatever your job at hand, we’ve got the solution for it.