Uponor Barrier PLUS - Plus Possibilities

Its unique features and ease of handling and installing open up a world of possibilities. In addition to increasing the options for the purposing of urban and former industrial sites, the savings incurred by the use of long-lasting, less maintenance demanding Barrier PLUS piping can be directed at other critical needs and demands.
Barrier PLUS til forurenet industrigrund

Urban planning

Uponor Barrier PLUS safeguards potable water from all toxic chemicals, bad taste and odours for 50, even up to 100 years. It is ideal for use in replacing existing pipe networks and enables the repurposing of previously unusable land by mitigating current and minimising future risks of chemicals seeping into the water supply.


A thoroughly tried and substantiated solution, Uponor Barrier PLUS provides proven protection from chemicals known to permeate normal PE pipes, while the tight welded joints make it less sensitive to soil movements.


Uponor Barrier PLUS is a cost-efficient barrier pipe solution.  It is light and easy to transport and handle on site, can be installed by standard construction crews, is compatible with standard pipes and fittings, and at the end of its lifecycle completely recyclable into new products or energy waste.


Uponor Barrier PLUS has easily peelable layers, requires no special tools, processes or training and can be welded like normal PE pressure pipes, adding to the cost-efficiency of the installation process.