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Strength, security and economy

Supplying strong, flexible and durable products results in a long service life which in turn produces savings in the form of lower maintenance and renovation costs. Uponor's storm water pipes are designed for a service life of 100 years. For everything to function for several decades, however, opportunities for monitoring and maintenance are necessary. These are created by providing storm water networks with chambers and lids. Uponor has been at the forefront in developing a range of chambers and lids and currently has one of the market's most complete product ranges.

Our well range comprises:

  • Storm water chambers
  • Drainage chambers
  • Manholes
  • Percolation chambers
  • Customised chambers

Surface boxes

To provide an opportunity for greater choice, we offer different ranges of lids. Which range you choose naturally depends on the level of stress to which the lid will be subjected. But also on how long-term you consider your investment to be.

Drainage chambers

The field drainage inspection chambers are easy to install thanks to a few small, yet important, details. The drainage chambers are light and equipped with lifting loops, which makes them easier to handle at the installation site. Because the chambers do not have fittings, they can be installed to the desired height. Chambers can be installed 0.5 m below the ground, in which case the metal flap on the lid indicates its location. The base of the chamber is easily anchored in place.