Laadukkaalla sadevesi- ja salaojajärjestelmällä estetään rakenteiden kosteus-, home- ja routavauriot.

House drainage systems

Storm water and drainage systems protect against harm caused by water

Superior rain water and underground drainage systems prevent structural moisture, mould and frost damage. Effective systems can also prevent flooding in basements, pooling in the yard and slippery sheets of ice in passage ways. A building's drainage pipes include the underground drainage pipes with drainage chambers, the rain water pipes, drainage chambers and basic water chambers that collect all the water together.

Uponor has a complete range of storm water and underground drainage pipes, components and chambers for all types of building foundations and properties. Superior drainage and storm water pipes are easy to use and long-lived – their smooth interior surface prevents the accumulation of deposits. The double-layered pipes are rigid and easily installed at the desired angle.

Compatible components and chambers ensure that the system works well and is reliable.

House drainage system

Drainage and rain water pipes run alongside each other in the same trench. The water flows into the basic water drains from which they lead to the municipal storm water chambers. Underground drainage chambers are located in the corner of each building. These serve as the inspection and maintenance drains of the underground drainage pipes. Rain water is generally also lead to the same basic water chambers, in which case it must be noted that the drainage pipe connections have ball valves to prevent water from flowing back into the drainage pipes during flood. 

Uponor underground drainage systems include everything needed for the construction of a functional and safe system:

  • Underground drainage pipe 110 SN 8
  • Underground drainage chamber 315 and raise component
  • Flexible connections
  • Yard chamber package
Uponor-salaojajärjestelmä sisältää kaiken tarpeellisen toimivan ja turvallisen järjestelmän rakentamiseen
Storm water system

When left uncontrolled, rain and melt water can cause pooling in the yard and slippery sheets of ice. Over time, this can result in moisture damage to structures.

Rain water, otherwise known as storm water, shall not be allowed to flow into underground chambers because heavy rain will fill the chamber, which will then start to push water into the building foundations and cause the pipes to work in exactly the opposite way they should. This will also happen if discharge pipes become blocked or they freeze up. Storm water systems are built to discharge rain water safely to the correct place.

The Uponor storm water system includes the following components:

  • Storm water pipe 110 SN 8
  • Sealing rings
  • Drainage chambers
  • Flexible connections
  • Yard chamber package
Uponor-sadevesijärjestelmä pitää hulevedet aisoissa ja estää veden pääsyn talon perustuksiin.
Smart storm water handling

In urban areas, storm water drainage on a property often needs to be slowed down before it enters the municipal storm water chambers. The Uponor selection for small buildings includes storm water retention tanks, storm water collection tanks and storm water tunnels. The systems slow down the discharge of storm water or absorb storm water into the ground.  Storm water collection tanks store rain water when there is a need to use rain water later, such as in watering gardens.

Storm water tunnels suitable for absorption serve as temporary reservoirs from which the water is absorbed steadily into the ground. A system consisting of tunnel modules and end plates can either be installed in one or more lines without length restrictions. One tunnel has a volume of 300 litres.
Storm water retention tanks for rain water lead to the municipal chambers. A tank has a retention volume of 2,500 litres. The Uponor retention tank is a simple, reliable solution from a domestic manufacturer.  The tank is low in height and can be installed below ground in green areas. 

A storm water collection tank safely collects rain water running off the roof into a tank for later use. The tank is made of polyethylene, which is a durable and lightweight material. An overflow pipe ensures that the tank water level never rises above the specified level. Excess water is led into the storm water chamber, the absorption area or a ditch.

Rakennushankkeessa on tärkeää suunnitella ja toteuttaa talon ulkopuoliset järjestelmät sekä piha niin, että hulevedet eivät aiheuta ongelmia rakennuksille tai ulkoalueille.
The significance of storm water management in urban planning is growing.
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