Uponorin laajasta valikoimasta löytyy oikea ratkaisu hulevesien hallintaan, oli kyseessä pois johtaminen tai imeyttäminen.

Road drainage

Drainage – Road drainage

Uponor road drainage includes a complete range of pipes, fittings and chambers for drainage of all types of road and infrastructure project. Smart, high-quality solutions contribute to ease of handling and a long service life. 

Long service life 

Our drainage systems are highly resistant to corrosion, resulting in a long service life even with low pH values. Polyethylene and Polypropylene are chemically resistant to the majority of substances which may occur in and around drainage pipelines. The material also has many good abrasion properties.

Examples of scope of application: 

  • Roads 
  • Railways 
  • Airfields 
  • Landfill sites 
  • Heat culverts

Uponor IQ (dim. 110-1200 mm) - good quality with top slot or full slot

Uponor IQ Drainage pipes are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Nordic Poly Mark with stiffness class SN8. We have invested in modern slot technology which guarantees a smooth pipeline while maintaining a good flow. 

Weholite (dim. 400-3500 mm) - ideal for culvert applications in both highway and railway applications

It is important to protect water and stream environments. To do so, safe reliable and affordable water crossings are required. These crossings, or arches as they are called, allow crossed streams to remain undisturbed. Weholite is a proven solution in both traditional installation of culverts and in culvert sliplining. Weholite is the perfect choice for sliplining corroded culverts, since the sliplining process does not cause any traffic delays and closures which are typical with traditional ‘dig and replace’ methods. The ingenious threaded joint has excellent tensile qualities and helps reduce overall installation time.

Weholite is ideal for rehabilitating existing culvert sites, especially those:

  • With aggressive waters and/or corrosive soils
  • Where road salts are applied
  • Under high traffic roads
  • With high fills
  • Requiring extensive traffic detours
  • Under railways